Love is both who and what we are and is the greatest power that we have. Love is in our makeup – in the DNA of our souls. Choosing how to be, how to see and how to love is a mighty power; and yet, we often give our power to the smallest and most mundane of things.

Choosing to be an objective observer is very different from getting lost in an e-motion. (e-motion = energy in motion) Choosing to objectively observe allows us to detach from, rather than being swept up in and lost to, the emotions of the moment. As we practice objectivity, we detach. We begin to break the chains of co-dependence.

I have come to see and believe that co-dependence doesn’t only exist between people. Indeed, it can be an unhealthy attachment to the beliefs that we are still holding which cause us to be and feel constricted. We believe what we do and wonder why we are so unhappy at times. We make choices and don’t like the outcome and feel that we “have no choice”. In itself, that belief is a choice.

Realizing the power in choice-making is truly the key to freedom from attachment to self-judgment and therefore the real or perceived judgments of others.

Question your beliefs. Where do they come from? How do those beliefs support me – the real me? How do those beliefs keep me from stepping fully into the life of my dreams?

Fear – and all of its expressions are human creations – all designed to control and separate. Fear keeps us in our “boxes” along with the beliefs that we can not, are not and will not ever be, have or do what we are able to be, have or do. After all, what man would place himself above God by designing systems of beliefs, underpinned by fear? Those systems are hierarchical, uneven, greater than/lesser than, lacking love, compassion acceptance and oneness.

Love – and all of its expressions are creations of the Divine. We are THAT. We are love; we are a part of that unconditional love that is; the energy of the Universe. And, how would we give up our love – our very being – to beliefs which keep us separate from ourselves and the loving entity which created us, that is ever-changing (evolving) and always loving? We are a part of that entity, for we are not apart from it.

Everything else is contained in the mundane.

There is so much beauty in the power of the ocean. Consider this:

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”
– Jalaluddin Rumi

And so it is with the All That Is and us.

We truly know this at the core of our being; in that timeless wisdom within us.  We are love. We always have choices. We have simply forgotten.

Milky Way over Virginia
Milky Way over Virginia

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