Perspective is what makes a difference in what we see, how we feel and how we respond.

Far too often, we do not step back or widen the lens through which we are viewing some aspect of our lives. We all have filters which have been installed or otherwise picked up as a result of our many life experiences. Our laser focus can blind us.

Is one perspective right and the other wrong? No. There are no rights or wrongs. There is only your perspective. The real question becomes, “is my perspective limiting my view, or ability to see something differently?” This is a valid question regardless of the vantage point that you think you have of anything.

Consider these:


What a lovely kitty is this! (I’m partial to felines.) It appears to be black, and there aren’t more markings for us to see, and we cannot discern its color. And those are just basic attributes that are apparent to us. The photo doesn’t offer us any more information from which to make an assumption about this lovely kitty. Do we have enough information to have a perspective on the cat or the photo? Yes. Yours and mine will be different.



Now this. Is this the same kitty that is in the above picture, from farther away? It is sitting in a window and looking quite content. Yet, absent a color photograph, I’m not sure what color it is. I am making an assumption that it is content. It may well be about to jump out of the window to get on to something else which has captured its attention. My perspective and yours are different on this one as well.

The multiple layers of perspective in these two pictures, how any of us interpret them, and the stories we can create about that lovely cat are varied and many.

This is true for ANYTHING.

Perspective is everything.


A brief postscript:The photographer has commented below and added her perspective on the photographs from behind the lens, including the lovely subject herself.  See how this information adds to YOUR perspective on the photographs.

7 thoughts on “perspective

  • Carrie, this is a very thoughtful post. As the photographer of these photos, it never even occurred to me that converting them to black and white would make them so much more interesting and mysterious! 🙂 Yes, these two photos are of the same kitty. She is solid black. I believe in the second photo she was watching birds feeding at the feeder in the yard. I’m sure she would’ve loved to jump out the window and grab a bird or two!

    She is honored to be featured on your blog! 🙂

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    • Lori, these pictures are wonderful and I’m so glad you added the perspective of the photographer to this post. It is a perfect example of just how our reality in viewing them met yours from the moments behind the lens. I am deeply grateful. 😊


    • Thank you, Val. Our individual perspectives and stories we create from them are often very big and way out of line with what is true from another’s perspective. I enjoyed Lori’s post about what was happening in the photos!

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