just for today…focus on nonaggression

When we hold on to our opinion with aggression, no matter how valid our cause, we are simply adding more aggression to the planet, and violence and pain increase. Cultivating nonaggression is cultivating peace. — Pema Chodron

Did you ever consider, for one moment, that your strongly held opinion, may be a form of aggression? Especially when you feel you are so right about your opinion? Dr. Wayne Dyer said many times, that if we have the choice to be right or kind, choose to be kind. Want peace? Offer it.

Today…notice your opinions before you express them. Perhaps after you pause and consider its origin, that opinion may be best unexpressed in the moment.

Just for today, let’s commit to notice our opinions.

Then let’s reflect.

What is the origin of this opinion or that one?

What is the feeling within when I felt the need, in the moment, to express my opinion?

Would it have made a difference if I had expressed it?

How might others have reacted if I had expressed it?

Of course, these questions are good for reflecting upon, when we DO express an opinion.

“Let’s use the example of the ozone layer. We can rightly say that the thinning of the ozone layer is a scientific fact; it’s not simply an opinion. But if the way we work with trying not to harm the ozone layer is to solidify our opinion against those we feel are at fault, then nothing ever changes; negativity begets negativity. In other words, no matter how well documented or noble our cause is, it won’t be helped by our feeling aggression toward the oppressors or those who are promoting the danger. Nothing will ever change through aggression.” – Pema Chodron from her book, “When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times” (1997, 2016)

Notice your opinions.

Focus on nonaggression.

Just for today…and then tomorrow and then it becomes a habit. We change ourselves and our world, one moment, one choice, one practice at a time.

Cultivate peace.

Comet Lovejoy by Lori Coleman
Comet Lovejoy
by Lori Coleman

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