May we remember, today:

our capacity to love, to be inclusive, to collaborate, to care, to give and to lift up.

May we remember, today:

many have gone before us to ensure the rights we have today – to be ambitious, to grow, to ascend in the communities which heretofore we were not allowed to be in.

May we remember, today:

those whose very sacrifice of their lives line the paths we tread.

May we be:

vigilant in our observations.

Let us:

watch, support, stand up.

Let us:

accept what is and choose to rise up.

Let us:

step out of our comfort zone and be who we are, with what we have, where we are.

Let us:

remember who we are. 

courageous, loving, fearless in the face of oppression, division and separating beliefs and actions.

with gratitude to one of my grandsons for this lovely art.

We are paving the way forward for the women and children (and supportive men) who are watching, following and are yet to arrive.

Now is the time. It has never been more important for us to stand up for and support our sisters.

International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017.

A new beginning. 

Let us move forward.

Divine feminine – rising.


12 thoughts on “remember

  • Wonderful, Carrie! May we remember those things every day. 🙂 Your grandson’s art is beautiful.

    I’ve shared this on Facebook. There are memes and blog posts, written by women, going around about the “whiny women” who went on strike yesterday, who insist that they have gotten where they are today without whining, marching, or going on strike. One meme insists they are “winners, not whiners,” and would never be so irresponsible as to miss work for something as frivolous as women’s rights (since, they insist, we have all the rights we need or want). It’s sad.

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    • Robin, Thank you. I am deeply grateful that you felt this post important enough to be shared on your page. I am reminded that the outer reflects the inner. What many are projecting through their lashing out or negative memes, criticizing their sisters, is an unreconciled set of feelings related to who they are in their expression in this lifetime as females. We are all together in this…and not everyone is aware yet. I feel compassion for those who have not yet awakened to their truth. We shall step forward. Jean Houston recently said, “Goodness is rising in America.” A well known speaker at the same conference also said, “Desperation is not an option.” These bring me great hope for ALL of us! Thank you so much, Robin! 💕​


    • Thank you, dear Carol. I feel it is important that we honor those who blazed many trails for us all long ago. We have so much yet ahead of us and pausing to remember gives us strength to continue. Oh..and I LOVE that precious piece of artwork, too!💕​

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