Many of us are comfortable with and living fully in our vulnerability. That isn’t to say that we don’t care for ourselves, or leave ourselves wide open to accepting the negative projections in our present milieu which are very hard to take sometimes. It does mean that we are aware of the power of our vulnerability when we embrace and honor our hearts.

For people like us, these times are very challenging. We find ourselves feeling worse than we have in quite a long time – about the condition of our world; about the conditions of those who are under siege in our own country; and about the suffering that continues to play out before our very eyes that is seemingly being ignored by governments.

I happened upon this brief conversation with Krista Tippett ( and Brene Brown ( with animation.

I hope you enjoy it and find it to be helpful.


6 Comments on “vulnerability

  1. Great post Carrie. The video reminds us of the truth. That our vulnerability is real and when we acknowledge this within, we can connect with each other and heal! Thankyou πŸ’š

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  2. When I came across Brene Brown and her insights in vulnerability and wholehearted living, it had a big impact on myself, and understanindg of others. Thank you for spreading the goodness πŸ’

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    • I agree with you, Val. Her work is insightful and heart opening. I’ve read all of her books and taken one of her online courses. Her introduction of the art journal was quite fun! It takes journaling to another level altogether! πŸ’Ÿβ€‹

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    • Thank you! It happened along at the right moment and I felt we could all enjoy a gentle reminder. Animation makes these messages easier to understand, sometimes. πŸ˜‰

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