remembering our ABCs

I have come to believe that curiosity is the greatest gift we have and that many of us don’t remember to engage often enough. For me the ABCs of curiosity are so very important!

A  – Always

B – Be

C – Curious

Curiosity about all things internal and external to our lives can serve us well in our daily living. Asking questions is always a good tool to engage in our relationships  – whether with ourselves, our loved ones and others we know well (or think we know well), and with complete strangers.  I’m reminded that we have two ears and one mouth. Listening is one of the greatest gifts that we give to others and ourselves.

I have just happened upon an author, whose newly released book, “Wait, What?” focuses on five questions. Simple, easy to remember and life changing. Here is a warning: You have to truly be willing to listen to the other person’s answer to fully derive a benefit from the engagement of these questions.

In a world where we barely hear the other person because we are too busy thinking about our reactions or answers, it becomes abundantly clear that our past practices are adding to the turbulence in our world today. Time for a change.

The five questions that Dean James Ryan (Harvard) introduced in his May, 2016 commencement speech, are:

1 – Wait, what?

2 – I wonder…?

3 – Couldn’t we at least…?

4 – How can I help?

5 – What truly matters?

Just reflecting on the relative simplicity of these questions, I can imagine the deep, meaningful conversations that are possible. I look forward to reading the book (Wait, What?: And Life’s Other Essential Questions) to learn more about Dean Ryan’s five specific questions which seem to culminate in the last one, which he says, “gets you to the heart of life.”

You may read the transcript of his speech here. If you prefer to view the video, it is contained in the same link.


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