I recently finished a book*, written late last year, that both resonated and provided hope. The author has written many books, since 1995, and people come to the material either skeptical and questioning or skeptical and looking for an opportunity to shame or blame him. I found him to be a bit edgy when I attended a retreat in 2009 he was leading. That experience, was for me, a lesson in appreciating the message without vilifying the messenger; something that has served me well since.

This book introduces, among others, a list of sixteen different characteristics of the differences between an awakened species and an unawakened species. The list spells out, beautifully, the conditions we are very aware of in our mundane human experience and which are visible upon objective observation.

Here are two from the list of sixteen – the first and the last on the list.

  1. An awakened species sees the Unity of All Life and lives into it. Humans in an unawakened state often deny or ignore it.

   16.  An awakened species has harnessed the power of metaphysics. Humans in an unawakened state often largely ignore it.

Every one in between is worth reading and reflecting upon. You will know right away where you are….if indeed it is a question you hold about yourself.

I was truly heartened, my spirit lifted, by the messages in this book. For I am certain that more of us are indeed awake than we know or give ourselves credit for being. If we are questioning our beliefs about everything – from how we feel, to what we have been taught or experienced in the course of our lives – we are indeed in the process of awakening.

Need I say it?

This is why we are here…to evolve.



Unless otherwise noted, all images on this site are used with permission of the photographer, Lori Coleman. Lori exposes the beauty of nature as she sees it with the eyes of her heart and then captures it through the lens of her camera. To see more of Lori’s beautiful work, be sure to visit her Facebook page.


* Conversations with God; book 4; Awaken the Species; A New and Unexpected Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch (2017)

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