recommit – we’ve got this

The response was swift. People DO care about the climate. People ARE concerned about the US joining two smaller countries in NOT being a part of the Paris Climate agreement. States and cities are stepping forward to commit to abiding by the agreement. Businesses working on renewable energy are no doubt as disappointed as the many expert scientists are about this decision.

However…let us all remember that we each hold within ourselves, the power of choice. No one can decide for us what we will decide to do to care for our earthly home.

Image from NASA.GOV.

Each of us makes a contribution to the healing of our planet with each choice we make about what we choose to eat; how we tend to our lawns and gardens; the vehicles that we choose to drive and the containers that we use for our beverages (i.e., plastic bottles for water, etc.).

We only lose if we give up our choice and our personal power. Each individual contribution has an impact on the collective.

Stand up. Choose. We’ve got this.

One people. One earth.

Peace and love to all.



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