truth and agreement

Looking around, it becomes very apparent that we are all seeking some truth…about many things. I’ve been reflecting on the many things I’ve learned over the years about truth. Here are a few:

  • Truth is relative.
  • REAL truth can only be found in the natural world.
  • There is NO absolute truth.

And there is this meme that I found on the Internet a couple of years ago:  

And yet, we are all seeking truth.

In 2009, a book was published that provides an additional perspective on truth, that I thought was worth sharing as well all ponder the meaning – for ourselves – of truth.  This book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” by Neale Donald Walsch contained what he calls the Mechanism of the Mind and the System of the Soul. I was fortunate to have been in retreat with him and about 80 others, as he carefully unfolded and explained these two separate and closely related systems and how the integration of the two is considered to be The Technology of Transformation.

It may come as no surprise that Truth is a component of the Mechanism of the Mind.

So that I provide adequate context for your consideration, here are the components of the Mechanism of the Mind.

  • Event
  • Data (factual, judged, past experience, media, others’ input)
  • Truth (actual, apparent, imagined)
  • Thought
  • Emotion
  • Experience
  • Reality (distorted, observed, ultimate)

These are presented as sequential. From Event to Reality each of us, individually, engages the process he describes as the Mechanism of the Mind. We are not conscious that all of this is happening at the moment an “event” occurs.  In fact what happens is that the mind observes an event and forms a level of truth about that event, which will lead to three kinds of reality – distorted, observed, or ultimate. What I am most intrigued by, however, is the three types of truth in this system – actual, apparent, or imagined.

And here are his conclusions. The three versions of truth produces one of three realities.

Outside of the context of his explanations, these can be very challenging to take in, think about and understand. It does make a lot of sense, and I hope you will consider it. The more we practice and develop our sense of observation, the less hold that data has on us. Objectifying this is key to making our own decisions and determinations about what is best for us and comports with what we know about who we really are and why we are really here (consult your soul for more on this).​

As it relates to agreement – objective reality is this: up is up, down is down, etc.  On that we can all generally agree. There is only common agreement. There is no common reality.

So that you can also be aware of his System of the Soul, here are the components:

  • Being (timeless)
  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Perspective (single most important thing in your life – the place from which you are looking at life)
  • Perception (what you see is a direct result of your perspective)
  • Belief
  • Behavior (we behave based upon what we believe)

I recommend the book, if you seek more information about these. Otherwise, I invite you to consider writing down these two lists side by side. Doing so will provide you with a perspective on them that illustrates a symbiotic relationship. If transformation is to occur, in us as individuals and in our collective society, both the Mechanism of the Mind and the System of the Soul are fully involved in our experiences. Transformation is a re-definition of the terms of our lives. It is possible, if we choose it.  I encourage and recommend making that choice, for our souls know more than our minds could ever hope to know.

Question everything. Trust yourself. Learn to become more objective, less reactive. Reactivity is a projection of unhealed wounds. Heal and become objective about them. Therein lies your wisdom.

May we begin to see that truth is truly relative. May we also begin to seek agreement – respectfully, lovingly and peacefully.





2 thoughts on “truth and agreement

  • Agree. There is no universal truth, only personal truth. We share this space but each of us sees it differently, according to our personal world-view, which is based on conditioning/brainwashing and experience. I do believe that we have innate personalities which determine the way we see everything. Remember the startled baby, the crying baby, the curious baby and the happy baby? We are born with our personality in tact and we go from there. Everything we experience is filtered through who we are, first and foremost. Great post.


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