The definition of the word is this:  “disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process.” Therefore a disruptor is one who creates the disruption.

Generally, disruption, has been seen in some segments as unhealthy, against the status quo or otherwise upsetting the apple cart. Perhaps we might agree that there is great disruption all around us…everywhere in the world. Many of us in the US feel this to some degree as well.

Is disruption a negative thing? Perhaps we need only acknowledge that this is characteristic of the times we are living in. So many things are being disrupted, upended, changed. Many are afraid and some see this as a part of the evolutionary process that has been underway for some time. Viewing this through the eyes of our awakening souls, we may feel less fear and may well see more objectively what is happening. Holding fast to outmoded beliefs will keep many in deep fear.

Our way of life, our ways of thinking and being are challenged.

The person occupying the White House knows literally nothing about our Constitution or any of the documents, laws and regulations which underpin our democracy. Is this a disruption? What will this lead to? Perhaps chaos. Perhaps necessary change. Perhaps both…one being an essential part of the other.

The behemoth, Amazon.com, announced it’s purchase of Whole Foods last week. Is this a potential disruption? What will this like lead to?

In my little part of the world, major providers of cable, internet and mobile phone service are experiencing significant disruptions to services to many, many customers. What will this lead to?

What other disruptions, disturbances or problems have YOU seen?

Can you see the possibility in it? Are you afraid of it?

How can we make the best of all of this disruption?

Let us not fear…rather let us see our individual strength of purpose. We are here now. We have chosen to be here now.

What is your role in any of this worldwide disruption?

As the veil is pulled away on more and more things which have heretofore been kept hidden, let us seek to find agreement rather than projecting our individual truths onto others. The only way out is through.

Let us walk together to make a better way for all of us, especially for those who shall inherit the outcomes of our love, fear and our choices, in these disruptive times.

We are here on this earth for a relatively brief period in the continuum of what we call time. Let’s enjoy it, make the best of the times we are in and most of all, do our very best to leave it better than we found it.



Comet Lovejoy
by Lori Coleman

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