Interlude is defined as “an intervening period of time”. For the last several weeks, I have been in the sweet space of an interlude.

Many who write find these breaks in the flow of inspiration to be anything but, inspirational. Often these periods are referred to as “writer’s block” or some will say, “the muse has taken leave” or something like that. There are many more reasons or excuses that many use when they find it difficult to write.

In my experience, inspiration doesn’t take its leave from my heart. In fact, inspiration is always present, if I listen. I have taken notes, written short passages or otherwise captured thoughts and other inspiring experiences in this sweet space of time.

I feel that honoring what is keeps us in the flow of being. Being the flow allows what wants to come…to come; and what needs to leave…to leave.

May we all find peace in the interludes of our lives. It is here that we meet and find ourselves. It is here that we can let the expectations of the consensus world leave us. It is here that we can feel more deeply and allow more easily.

We will recognize what is ours when it appears…when we stop chasing the unknown. Sit in the sweet space of the interlude. Let it be, so that you can be…you.

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