this site…updates


Today, I wish to share some of the other pages on this site that many of you may not have seen, as emails are not generated when they are updated and they do not show up in the WordPress Reader for other bloggers to see.


Drops of Wisdom is another page that is updated from time to time. I created it to post “…brief inspired messages or quotes from authors or teachers. They are updated periodically, with the newest offerings added to the top of the list. I hope you will return occasionally to find a drop that resonates for you in the moment.


Images – is the page where I share information on the photographer whose pictures I use, more than my own, in my posts. That page has a link to her Facebook page. In addition, you can see some of her photos for sale at Fine Art America or by clicking the “Shop Now” button on her Facebook page.


Contact – If you wish to reach out to ask a question or offer a comment that you prefer to not leave on a post, please feel free to click the page and your message will come directly to me.


I am grateful to you and the time you offer as you read my posts and take time to reflect and comment. All of your comments are meaningful and deeply appreciated. I feel that we learn so much from each other and we deepen our understanding, or challenge our thinking, as a result of what we have read or said. I reflect on your comments and will often question what I have written…or what may have been at the root of the writing itself. Thank you.




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