who we are…or who are we?

We must be careful that we do not become that which we find so unacceptable in others. We are currently deeply divided…and yet we ALL come from the same Source…lest we forget. Wake up from the slumber of fear and darkness.

I have been asking myself as I have read many articles, posts and followed the continuing unfolding events in Charlottesville, all weekend – WHO ARE WE? Who are we that this can happen? What are we not getting about the current conditions in our world, which have allowed this kind of darkness to surface? Who are we, indeed.

WE have created this ourselves…each and every one of us. We may not wish to see or believe that we have anything to do with it. The shadows within us that we choose to not acknowledge are calling us to see them.

Both love and fear, joy and rage are in us. Our wounds empower our fear (expressed as anger and often acted out as victimhood). The best of us (empowered by the love in our hearts) often gets covered with the constant pushing aside and our unconscious burying of the feelings we have about those deeply buried wounds.

Until or unless we meet and acknowledge the rage that is within us – however well buried it is and it really is in there – we will find it more and more difficult to truly see the good in anyone…including those who show us their worst selves. We MUST do our own work to heal ourselves so that we can truly make and hold peaceful healing space for others.
None of us knows everything. We must open to the possibility that we can learn something from everyone, including those whose hearts are so darkened with hate.

We cannot acknowledge the feelings that others have if we are not acquainted with our own.

I have cried and despaired over the events in my beloved Charlottesville this weekend. I have held space with love for friends in the community who marched and for the men and women in blue, who themselves, have to bury their own feelings in order to remain objective in the context of the law. Lives were lost in both of those communities…and we mourn.

I found some peace knowing they were all safe, and deeper calm as I listened to Marianne Williamson speak live via Facebook in Charlottesville yesterday.

Let us remember who we truly are at the core of our hearts. Let us hold space for those who think, speak and act differently than we do.

We are a nation of immigrants. The ONLY people who were here before all of us were the indigenous people, and they have suffered mightily at the hands of the white man. And this continues to this day. Our incessant need to label any one or any thing that is different from ourselves is indeed a part of the problem underlying all of the division and hatred that we see.

WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Our uniforms are different. Our gender expression, our color, our beliefs, our choices…all may be different. WE ALL come from the same God, Source, Allah, Universe…whatever you choose to call it. What we do to another, we do to ourselves. Think about that for a moment. We reap what we sow, yes?

At the end of this journey, our current life on this planet, we will return to dust. We return to the place in the cosmos that we see glimpses of in telescopes. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. That is who we are.

We must all open our hearts to the love that is within and offer peace from that place.

Truly…a conversation is needed.

We can bring our open hearts and open minds to the table.

We can break bread together.

We can create holy space together.

We can listen together.

We can create peace…together.

Sending L❤️​VE to all.

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