the view from here

Many years ago, I heard a spiritual teacher say that there are many paths up the mountain. No one path is THE only path. What I loved about this as I heard it then and reflect on it now, is that it honors each and every soul’s journey through this life.

So today, I appreciate my journey thus far, and pause at the age of sixty, to reflect on the view from here.

In a life, there is much to be, do, have, learn and above all to enjoy. Reflecting upon my path up the mountain thus far, I see that the path has been crooked, straight, bumpy, smooth, clear, brush covered and often quite circuitous! It is all of this and much more.  I have seen technology in our connectedness to each other grow in unimaginable ways. It has been said that the rate of change is increasing exponentially every year. What used to take ten years, now takes one; what took fifty now takes ten. I believe it!

Despite this unprecedented pace, we still have a need to slow down.

To truly help heal our planet, our temporary home, and to lovingly support those who are struggling to survive, we must take time to remember who we are. We must put down our fast technological devices and walk outside to reconnect with nature; to see, to hear and to feel all that she can offer. By reconnecting with what is real about nature, we reconnect to ourselves – for we, too are nature, expressed as human beings.

For this next year, my next trip around the sun, I have a few wishes. I hope you join me in these and together we will offer more positive and uplifting energy toward the healing of ALL of nature – humans, animals, plants, forests, calming of the oceans and restoration of life and health to all.

I wish for…

More love, less fear.
More compassion, less anger.
More tolerance, less judgment.
More acceptance of everything as it is, less criticism of what is NOT.
More responsiveness, less reaction.
More slowing down…becoming more mindful and aware.
More appreciation of the gift of nature, of this planet that we all temporarily inhabit.
More opening of hearts…everywhere.

Going into this next year, I have decided to hold as my mantra as I walk through each day the following, borrowed from Brene Brown’s most recent book:

Strong back. Soft front. Wild heart.

Let’s all hold hands. Let’s all reach out to help those who need help and lift the spirits of those who may be feeling lost, weakened or hopeless.

That which we offer to others will be returned to us in unimaginable ways. We reap what we sow.



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