“Integrity is important to all systems. If the integrity of any system is faulty, the system itself will collapse. No matter how sophisticated the construction, it cannot hold anything up if its integrity is compromised.”

– Neale Donald Walsch, from Friendship with God



Integrity – the state of being whole and undivided.

System…even we as individuals are a system.

Think about it. We are walking, talking, thinking human beings. Even WE are divided within. As a system of beliefs, experiences, perspectives and thoughts, we are not integrous. Most of the time, our minds are chattering away endlessly, usually engaged in some sort of judging – either of self or other – and our hearts…well who listens to feelings anyway? Well,  I hope we ALL do; even though it is obvious in our world society that we do NOT.

The outer (experiences) reflect the inner (feelings, beliefs). In this we see very clearly just how divided we are.

The last few months have shown us all very clearly just how broken so many systems are. The underbelly of many systems are dark and filled with many secrets. One by one, these systems have reached a point and now they are being exposed. The underbelly is being seen…and secrets are being exposed. Perhaps we can attribute some of it to the ingress of Jupiter to Scorpio. Perhaps the unsustainable journey we have been on is slowly (or quickly) coming to an end.

Slowing down to practice becoming more of an observer and less of a reactionary will bring perspective.  Maybe by beginning to see what is true for each of us individually, in the midst of the obfuscation, the manipulation by conflation, and the multiple distractions, we will contribute to our collective evolution and find our way forward to a new and different way of co-existing.


“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.”

– George Iles



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