say it now

You’ve got to love social media (I do not).  The oxymoronic nature of the term, “social media” gives us a hint about how we arrived at the moment in time when distinguishing the truth from the not-so-truth is quite challenging.

But I digress…

Like many of you, perhaps, I have enjoyed Aretha Franklin’s music, her commitment to civil rights and her community over the years. As I was doing some light reading of various news outlets – and I do meant “light” reading, I came across a story about her that included the Twitter posts of many celebrities. Some of them were longtime friends and colleagues and others were, well, I’m not sure they knew her other than her name and some of her famous songs. As I continued to read through them, I started to wonder how many of them had shared their feelings, thoughts and beliefs about her accomplishments with her, when she was alive and well and could appreciate them; and why they felt so compelled to speak about her now. Hmmm…who is served by those “tweets”??

All of this reminded me of a few things:

  • Tomorrow is not promised;
  • We don’t always share our feelings with those we love or appreciate;
  • We are often afraid to speak our loving truth to someone who has made a difference in our lives;
  • The megaphone of “social” media seems an inappropriate place to “scream” our love and appreciation to or about anyone.

Our love, appreciation, compassion are best given directly to the recipient while they are here…now…to receive it. The circle of love is completed in the sharing of our feelings with another.

If a loved, appreciated or revered one has passed, we can offer our love, appreciation and gratitude via a silent prayer or loving thought, soul to soul.

Megaphones are not necessarily.

If you love someone, tell them now.

If you appreciate someone for what they have done – and especially if they are not aware of it – offer that appreciation, now.

If you are grateful for anything that you have, have learned or seen which resulted in opening your heart to another deep truth within you, and you can attribute it to another living, breathing human, tell them, now. If social media is all you have to offer that gratitude, try offering the loving energy of the prayer or silent thought. They will feel that blessing, too.

Say it, offer it, now.



12 Comments on “say it now

  1. Such important insights, Carrie. Human connections based on affirming, loving relationships are the foundation of healthy families and communities.


    • Thank you, Carol. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Our society is suffering from the blind, megaphone, “look at ME” declarations of love, rather than the authentic, quiet, inner relationship with self and connection from that place to others.

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      • Your observation that “social media” is an oxymoron is so apt. I have witnessed the changes in students over the years – the increasing difficulties they have working together on projects and relating to others face to face are sometimes alarming. I remember posting an example. When asked to draw a tree, most checked their iphones for photos rather than looking out the windows at the trees that surrounded the building…

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      • I’m happy to hear that Carol. Teachers are a living embodiment of what it is to facilitate the process of mining the creative parts of ourselves…and of course you all can make changes to bring students back to what is important…and essential. 💕

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  2. Lighten up … and feel the rhythm of your soul, despite everything else in the world. I’m going to put on some Aretha music and feel it rather than consider it. Please join me Carrie 💕😎💛


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