our truth

“Satisfying untruth is more pleasing to us than unsatisfying truth, and Big Truth is invariably unsatisfying—at least to the small self.”

 – Fr Richard Rohr


I could spend time writing about the ongoing discourse in the country I live in regarding a number of topics. However, I choose to skip the mundane in favor of the higher.

I leave the meaning of the above quote to your discernment.

We are living in extraordinary times, as a friend of mine has said for some time. Our truth is ours. How we feel, speak or act upon it matters.





6 thoughts on “our truth

  • I saw your title and was reminded of my yoga practice. I’ve been learning Kundalini Yoga and the practice usually ends with Sat Nam which some translate as “Truth is my identity” or “Truth is my essence.” An article on the Sat Nam Festival website puts it this way:

    “So Sat Nam is less of a word or expression; it is an experience of the true essence of you aligning with all Truth. This truth is not a matter of true and false or right and wrong. This truth has more to do with grooving within the essence of all that is true.

    … Sat Nam is often referred to as a “seed mantra,” a mantra that resonates with the wisdom that says within the seed is contained all the knowledge of the fully grown tree. “

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    • Thank you for adding this, dear Robin. Sat Nam is a powerful expression, and this explanation is a beautiful way to inform others who may not realize this deep meaning. Indeed, each of us is truth. That is my belief. Many haven’t become acquainted with their truth from the very depths of themselves, yet.

      May we all find peace from the deepest part of ourselves…our truth.

      Sat Nam. ❤️☮️🕉


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