questioning how we “see”

A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.

 – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

We often wonder how people make the choices they make, see what they see in certain circumstances, or behave and feel they way they do. Each of us is a complex symphony of many experiences, beliefs, and feelings contained in bodies with minds that are prone to over thinking, at times. Is it any wonder then, we find ourselves often scratching our heads when someone we think we know well, who seems to be so very kind, caring, loving and compassionate, makes choices that are so very different from our own?

Being human means there’s a wall-builder in each of us. Our minds naturally divide the world into me and not-me, us and them. For thousands of years, our sages have taught that we’re all one, yet we still divide wherever we look.

 – Robert J. Waldinger

Many of us seek change as a result of the recent elections in the US. Many others do not want the changes, and in fact are quite satisfied with the state of things as they are, or preferred the state of things prior to this past Tuesday. Truly, the news for all of us is that we are presently on an unsustainable path, regardless of where we “stand”, what we believe or how we see what we see

If we love with our open hearts enough, we will see how fear, anger and deep grief, are keeping us from seeing each other, the peril of our planet (which includes ALL inhabitants), or anything else that might be considered as a place of commonality…from which to begin.

We are human.We have hearts. We have pain. Many suffer in that pain.We do not always listen to something or someone whose words do not align with ours, or our way of communicating. Many are so afraid and looking for a savior – and I’m not talking about a religious savior.

We’ve been told that we must “see it to believe it.” Dr. Wayne Dyer offered many ways in his comments over the years, for us to trust (that is to have faith in the transcendent energy or “Godhead” as he referred to it) and that when we “believe it we will see it.” These phrases are a bit oversimplified in concept and words, and when we slow down to contemplate their intention, we begin to “see” differently just how much our individual beliefs impact our experience.

A favorite quote reminds me that even the simplest thought, word or gesture can, indeed, impact the whole.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

 – Rumi

See yourself as the ocean in a drop and see if you begin to question what you believe; how you make choices; what you think when you see someone whose words and actions do not align with yours. We can make a difference. In every moment, every thought, every word, every action.


3 thoughts on “questioning how we “see”

  • Agreed, Carrie, the current path is unsustainable. And your words speak truth: Our individual beliefs do impact our existence. I can confidently (not cocky) share that I have spent years evaluating my belief systems and how said beliefs play into making choices. I further concur that each one of us can makes a difference. And many of us, gratefully, are! 🙂 Still, on a small scale, it takes two to tango. And you, I, and countless others who believe in the need to change, can exert every drop of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effort to break through and make desired inroads. The problem (and it is a problem) is that those who believe and feel differently than ‘us’ are inextricably entrenched in their (my perspective) evil beliefs. I am eternally hopeful. Yet, this is bigger than we as mortal beings.


    • Well said, Eric. I read a couple of books written by Michael Brown (The Presence Process and Alchemy of the Heart) years ago. In Alchemy of the Heart, we addressed many things, including words. One of the simple, yet profound gifts of his perspective was the word…evil. Living backwards. live – evil. I cannot tell you how much this changed my perspective on those whose beliefs are so radically different and that seemingly perpetuate the separateness from our common humanity. I highly recommend that book. 🙂


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