a note of gratitude to you

Today, I am reflecting on the ongoing tumult which has become the norm in the country I live in. It’s been a tough week. As much as I seek to remain centered, so that I may be more of an observer and avoid the emotional charges or hooks that this week’s activities have caused in me, I have found it even more challenging to maintain that centered “heading” in the midst of extremely turbulent seas. I am once again reminded of the challenges that come with openly and honestly facing the days. Rumi’s beautiful poem returns to me again and again. I am also reminded of something Brene Brown wrote in one of her recent books, Braving the Wilderness:

True belonging doesn’t require that you change who you are. It requires you to be who you are.

Many days, I feel as if I am living in the wilderness…an unruly, no holds barred, desert which lacks the life sustaining dignity and respect each human deserves. So, as I reflect on what I observe in the visible collective, I wonder…is this who we are? Are we really being who we really are when we participate in the multiple activities stoking fear…anger? I will add here, that observing this behavior tells me so much about those whose words and actions are hurtful or demeaning to others. I send them compassion…for they are most in need of it for themselves before they can offer it to others.

I am grateful for the peace that I find here as I read the blogs I follow. You all offer the beauty of nature, poetry, story, photographs and even more of what I consider to be the personal expressions rooted in the creative center of love, in our hearts. Thank you for so openly offering your gifts and bringing the very best of what being human on this planet really is. This is a safe place, in a group of my choosing, to find that which inspires and returns me to the best of what we all have the potential to be.

To those who follow me, I am also deeply grateful that you take the time to read these posts and wherever possible to offer a comment or question. Your energy and engagement is most appreciated and continues to fuel the creative process for me that is the offering of my words and experience in this space. Thank you.

A final quote from Brene Brown, that I offer as hopeful inspiration for ALL of us.

People are hard to hate close-up. Move in.

May the long time sun shine upon you…ALL of you.

9 thoughts on “a note of gratitude to you

  • This is an important topic to speak of Carrie. It is an honest and beautiful reflection on how the world and it’s attitude effects each of us. Rumi is right, we don’t have to change, but we do have to heal and shed the past so that we can see the truth within us and others, and if we don’t, it will live on in us, repeating the cycle.

    A lot of my clients say to me, “Why do I have to do the work, why can’t my partner or someone else?” And it’s the same answer every time. I am responsible for healing my lineage and for those who came before me. In doing so, I release what is no longer mine, I release what I am carrying for them that keeps me heavy, and from this space, I can live in the freedom they could not, and in doing this, I freely receive their beautiful gifts and abundance waiting for me. Of course we can say no to this. But I have seen amazing healing take place in my family and others when we say Yes. These are just my thoughts of course! 🙂 Thanks Carrie.

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  • Thank you for acknowledging the challenges of these times of chaos and cruelty, Carrie, sometimes petty and other times egregious and deadly. It takes a toll on one’s soul, and yet you have found the strength to choose and share compassion, wisdom, and gratitude – gifts to all who read your thoughtful reflections. ❤

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