Each of us a leader – of our own lives. We make many choices and decisions –  from the simple moment to moment, day to day to the more complex, and with longer term implications.

Some of these decisions are easy to make and others call upon us to reflect and commit time to contemplation. Sometimes, in this process, we may even begin to question long held values and beliefs.

I learned early on, as a leader in public service, that leading others included meeting individuals where they were and building empowering relationships. Leaders are not born or made; and being a leader is not about a title or hierarchical position. Leaders simply are. We are, each and every one of us, leaders.

Getting to know ourselves – by being curious enough about life and how we live it – we begin to uncover the deep wisdom that is, and always has been, within each of us. Knowing ourselves and questioning our thoughts and beliefs about anything can open the door to making decisions more easily and with deeper awareness and confidence.

I am an observer and deep listener. I assist others in the discovery or rediscovery of aspects of themselves they have forgotten. Consider stopping by the Life Coaching page to learn more.

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~ Carrie Cannady

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

~ Lao Tzu