Resistance is futile. It has been said that what we resist, persists. Various consequences have been attributed to the outcome of resistance.

For example:

“what you resist, persists and gets bigger.”

“what you resist, persists; what you look at disappears.”

At its core resistance is fighting. We fight what we don’t like. We fight a dis-ease. We don’t consider anything – ideas, thoughts, stories – that does not, in some way, comport with our beliefs.  And there it is. those pesky beliefs which become the filters through which we see, feel and experience our world.

How do you know if your beliefs are contributing to resistance? How do you know exactly how your beliefs are informing your desire to fight anything?

Consider the first thing that comes to mind that you are willing to “fight for”. Ask yourself why you might be willing to “fight” for that. Then ask yourself what is at the core of this answer. How did you come to have a belief that causes you to think you must fight for…anything.

Consider war. There is some reason that countries engage in battles. Often we don’t really know what the true reason is. What happens in some nations is an overpowering belief in a nationalism that causes many to enlist and go into a war whose true cause may be unknown or is masked as something else like “protecting our freedom”. Those who enlist may not believe they are resisting, when in fact, they are signing up for the resistance. Meanwhile, others engage in resistance to “fight against the war.”

Then what do we have? Resistance, resistance, resistance. Fight, fight, fight.

How does resistance occur within? When we know, at the core of who we are, that something we are doing, have done or are considering just doesn’t feel right or in some way is really NOT who we are, and yet we do it anyway, we are resisting our very soul, and to a large degree, our purpose for being.

Resistance on any level – within, between or among – keeps us from moving forward toward the creation of a more peaceful way of being – within, between and among.

Question everything. What you hear, what you see, and what you are told. YOU know deep within you what is true for you.  Know that when you feel resistance – to resist the desire to fight or feel – something deep within is calling you to YOUR truth, to the most peaceful loving part of who you really are.

Be the change you wish to see. Question your resistance. Question your beliefs. Know that you come from a place that is larger and more expansive than you can imagine.

Consider that your purpose is greater than your resistance.



slow down

“…you move too fast. You’ve got to make the morning last.”

At this time of year, many are moving too fast. Rushing around shopping, wrapping gifts, shipping gifts, getting ready for the next party (perhaps while recovering from the previous one) are just a few of the many activities that seem to control us.

“…looking for fun and feeling groovy.”

And then there are some who seem to move at a different pace. They enjoy the interactions with everyone in nearly every situation, even the ones that might frustrate or overwhelm others.

“I got no deeds to do, no promises to keep.”

Couldn’t we all benefit from slowing down a bit? Breathing, observing, engaging consciously requires a very different pace than the one that many move by. We THINK we have promises to keep. We THINK we have deeds to do. And indeed you may well have all of these. Honoring our commitments to self and others are the greatest gifts of a life. Genuine, authentic kindness and compassion offered from a quiet, calm and accepting heart can create powerful ripples across time and space in ways that benefit ALL of us.

“Let the morning time drop all its petals on me.”

It is the WAY in which we engage our promises and deeds. Are we making commitments which become one more thing to cross off of the list? Or, are we consciously agreeing or not, by offering a thoughtful “yes” or “no” so that our promises and commitments are engaged with our hearts; with love and the joy that comes from offering the best of what we have to give?

“Life I love you, all is groovy.”

Maybe it’s time to slow down, to listen to that still small voice within which has some important messages for us. This voice of wisdom, our intuition, is a voice from the great Creator (whatever you may call him or her), and seeks to support us in living a meaningful life. All other outer noise is simply a distraction – designed to keep us from what it REAL. For what is real is within. What is real is co-created by God and our souls. What is made by others to distract us is outside of us…in the noisy news (fake or true), the loud music (with angry lyrics), the crises (real or imagined).

“Slow down, you move too fast.”

This holiday season, find the quiet. Go for a walk in nature. The crisp cold air will wake you up. The warm ocean breezes will call you back to yourself.

You are wise. You always know what is right for YOU. Slow down. Listen. Wake up.



Excerpted lyrics from “The 59th Street Bridge Song” by Paul Simon

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