stanzas – i know

I know I am old,

I’ve been here many times.

The old ones are

my brothers and sisters.

Their words speak of my heart.


The young ones are

my brothers and sisters.

The sweetness of their smiles,

expressions of their pure, unspoiled hearts,

Remind me of mine.


Days go by, living free.

Grateful to be here now.

Yet, the yearning to complete

and return home is strong…at times.


The rainy days remind me of, my tears.

The sadness, mourning,

and the pain of lessons.


The sun –

raises me from the depths of the tears.

Coaxing my heart open,

reminds me of the light that I am.


I breathe into another day –

and I watch,

I observe,

and I know I am.




stanzas – here

We arrive – in this realm –


full of light;

full of possibility;

dreams to be dreamt;


ideas to be born.


Soft, pliable, open.


We are here – as human doings –


doing our best;

striving for more;

bumping into things and other human doings;

finding our way;

opening our eyes.


Rigid, protecting, afraid.


We are in the Autumn of Life – as human beings –


heart opened;

wisdom available;



embracing our child (within);

seeing our own light;

seeing light in others.


Softening, flexible, open…again.


stanzas – sometimes

sometimes the leaving is necessary.

it is for remembering; a seeing, an opening perhaps.

the familiar is so very comfortable; like a warm light blanket on a cool, early Spring morning.

  • the smell of coffee
  • the inviting fragrance of an evening meal
  • the sounds of activity coming from the kitchen
  • or the home office
  • the clean bed linens or clothes
  • the fresh fruit on the basket on the counter.

so comfortable, familiar and appreciated are these.


sometimes the leaving is necessary.

  • to create space in which a heart can expand
  • to see what is otherwise blocked by the habituated and familiar
  • to appreciate what is always present, enduring and comfortable.

and, then…

the homecoming.

behold, everything becomes new.



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stanzas – sun and moon


You – bright, shining leader who gives light; warmth extending, growing, expanding all that you see, all that you are, all that you inspire us to be.


You – beautiful soft light which illumines the dark; inviting, going in, holding us in restful slumber, quiet contemplation reminding us of the light within and who we are.

We are nurtured by you – yin and yang.

Even when we cannot see you, we feel you.

For we are you and you are us.

We are one.

From my collection of iPhone photos.

stanzas – fire of fear

fire of fear


this fire is not the fire of love – it is the fire of fear


of choices not made

of words unspoken

of love not given

of songs not sung

of stories not told


we try to put out the fire or drown it – anything to distract from the pain of that deep burning within.





exercise too much

take up a habit – again: smoking, drinking…


take on more work/projects


all the while fanning the flame of fear burning within.


consequences of these choices –




from those whom we love

from what we feel

from the best of ourselves

from our creativity

from our ability to see clearly with the eyes of our heart,




our real life.




the manifestation of the fear of living fully the gift of a life, takes many forms.


self-sabotage – in so many ways.


from my personal collection of photos; taken with my iPhone. (2013)



stanzas – blinded

A few years ago, while reviewing some of my journals, I noticed that some entries were written very differently than the traditional paragraph of thoughts, reflections, dreams, wishes, etc.  At first I thought they were more “stream of consciousness”. Then I started to read them and remembered that they were written as they came through; complete with pauses, and intuition about how to allow them to appear on the page.

I have held these and am now going to begin to post them from time to time.

I begin with “Blinded.”



Blinded by beliefs…

            What do we miss?

            What can we not see?

            What wishes – deeply – to be seen, yet cannot be seen?

                        because of beliefs;

                        because of traumas;

                        because of what we have been told.

And…if what we believe is holding us back…what then?

Beliefs –

            sustain, support, structure and hold – us back;

           keeping us from our deepest truths;

          that which we know and feel is true.

Yet – our beliefs about what life is – blind us to what is possible.

Do our beliefs blind us and therefore,

            keep the shroud of darkness –

            of separation

            Fully empowered?

And how do we abandon them?

            After all, for generations, we have held these truths.

            Self evident – yes.


            Because what we believe    

            And say creates our experience.

Does the holding of a belief

really support us?


does it hold us?

Shrouded in the darkness of beliefs

which are not real and do not support us –

the best of who we really are, and what we are here to be –

we betray – those we love

AND ourselves.

Lay them down.

Leave them behind.

Their beliefs are not yours.

Yours are for you.

Theirs are for them.

What is YOUR truth?

What do YOU really believe?

Are you blinded by your beliefs?

How would you know?


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