A few years ago, while reviewing some of my journals, I noticed that some entries were written very differently than the traditional paragraphs of thoughts, reflections, dreams, wishes, etc.  At first I thought they were more “stream of consciousness”. Then I started to read them and remembered that they were written as they came through; complete with pauses, and intuition about how to allow them to appear on the page.

Scattered throughout this site are some of these. The names of these posts begin with “stanza – title”, and can be searched on the category of Stanzas.

I resisted the label of “poetry” when determining how to present these posts. There are so many different types of poetry and common to them all are stanzas. By choosing to not call them poetry and honoring the free flow with which they unfolded onto the page, and to differentiate them from a post with paragraphs, they are presented as stanzas.

To access the collection, simply type Stanzas in the “Search” bar